January 27

Power Behind Our Live Performances

Our band started out playing in nightclubs. We had garage band times and when playing, we bragged that we would raise the rafters off any building they put us in. This changed recently when we ended up having our first outdoor concert. We were not prepared for it and the entire band knows that we were not what we should have been that first time. We learned from our mistakes though, and soon we found the power behind our live performances.

How We Failed

Our first concert in the great outdoors in a very rural setting was a bust. We had no way to power our amplifiers and other necessities. This meant we went from raising rafters to praying that the people who showed up would be able to hear us play. We were still great according to the people who talked to us afterward. They wanted to hear more. The thing was, we felt that the people who were there that day missed out on what makes our band truly great. It was our first time in rural America and it was a true test of what our band could do as a team.

What We Learned

OutdoorSpeakersWithout that one day, we never have known what our band truly sounded like. We would never have guessed that the amplifiers and other equipment are what makes our music so powerful to hear. We wouldn’t have realized that there was a need for a constant power supply, even when we step off the bus at our next performance. It showed us that as a band we must be prepared for anything, even the most unexpected situations and because of it, we first began exploring what generator options we had. We began looking at portable generator reviews that would provide enough power for our equipment, but one that would not drown out the music we created.

Where We Are Now

LightStringToday, we hold a lot of concerts outdoors. It is a great environment for us to play. We enjoy the freedom that it gives us as well as the crowd. The atmosphere is so much more relaxed and now instead of rafters, we shake tree limbs. It is all thanks to the fact that we run paralleling generators during our performance to ensure that everyone can hear the sounds we create. During the times that we have been performing on a stage within a building, which does still happen occasionally, we have also found a use for our generator.

One time, we were on the stage playing our heart out. The weather outside was nasty and we had to move to an indoor location. All the lightning strikes finally hit something and the power went down. With our generators on hand, we continued to play. It still amazes us how we managed to overcome the obstacles and still give those fans who love us, exactly what they wanted to hear. It is the one time that life threw us a curve ball and we came out better than ever.

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