November 1

One Last Pool Party

During the warm, summer months everyone enjoys taking a dip in their pool. It is almost a daily occurrence for many people. However, many also prefer to spend their time planning and enjoying pool parties because they make having a pool even more fun. For some, it is the best part of summer. Therefore, as winter draws near, many of those people are planning one last pool party and some go to the extreme to make it a time to remember.

Planning the Perfect Pool Party

It takes a lot to pull off an impressive end of summer bash. There are things to plan and people to invite. There are decorations to gather and menus to work out. Will you have a small party with only a small group of family and friends or do you want to have a huge party with all of your family, friends, neighbors, and everyone else’s friends? When planning an end of the year event, you should consider going big with everything. You can then really make it a party to remember by hiring a band.

What Will a Band Bring to Your Party?

Above Ground Pool LightsMost parties have music. It gets everyone amped up and they can dance, sing, or just stomp their feet to the beat. As the party goes on, people tend to turn up the music to ensure that people party harder. With a band, you don’t have to turn it up. The simple fact that they are there is going to amp people up. They bring the beats, they bring the fun, and they may even bring above ground pool lights to set their own stage for a night of fun and excitement. In fact, they may bring a lot of different things to help you get the party started. Their big speakers produce even bigger sounds. Their bass drums and amplifiers make sure that the music thumps enough to get your heart pounding. They may even take breaks while they are there and mingle with others while someone else takes to the stage for karaoke. Anything is possible, and it is a great way to ensure that no one will ever have a party like the one you have going this year.

Get the Party Started

Pool PartyThis year is coming to a close quickly. Warm summer days are quickly turning into long, cold winter nights. Before you close up the pool for winter this year, give yourself a final chance to enjoy the life that a pool allows you to live, only bigger. Fire up the grill, break out the coolers, have all your friends and family bring a dish or a drink, and get ready to party as though next summer may never come. It will be a decision that you will be glad you made when winter comes, and snow is covering the ground. It will create a memory that will keep you warm and smiling, no matter what the temperature outside may be. What are you waiting on? Get this party started now and make a memory!

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September 24

Rockin’ a New Stage

As performers, our performances are our key to success. When we start slacking, people stop showing up. Therefore, we have begun to work toward improving not only our performances, but the stages that we set up before the shows begin. We have been working hard to upgrade a local venue, with a little help from its owner, since we play there so often on the weekends and for special events. Thankfully, we will soon be rockin’ a new stage.

Appearances Matter

The Music ChannelHave you ever been to a club and noticed that they simply looked dingy? Or seen a stage that has nothing going for it beyond a spotlight? That was the way that our venue looked, in ways. We had a little more going for us than nothing, but we wanted to turn our shows into something more visually appealing. It is something we discussed with the owners and after agreeing to put some money into it; we began to get to work. We added new lights over the stage and they change colors. We upgraded the equipment and did a few other things to make it visually appealing, but it still didn’t pop the way we wanted it to. That is when we decided to put in a new stage that would shine brighter than a new penny.

Our Simplest Improvements

Lighting is the key for a club, beyond performers. We added the lights, but everything still looked boring. We did a little research and quickly discovered that the way to add shine was to use epoxy on surfaces to make them pop. The epoxy reflects light that may be shining on it and even a dark wood stage can have new life. We looked into it a little further and discovered that there were kits that could make it easy to do. Eventually, we decided to dive into it. Immediately the club owner decided that it looked amazing and wanted to add a little more. He decided to upgrade the bars with an epoxy finish. The owner did their own searches to see how hard it would be to work with a bar and soon they found this site with all the information that they needed to turn boring bars into outstanding pieces of furniture.

The End Result

Rock OnThere are still things that we hope to do within the club, but for now, we are happy with the improvements we have made. People who have come in to see us perform say that our shows rock more than ever and we cannot help but attribute it to the improvements we have made. Our goal is to not only put our name in lights one day in bigger venues, but to improve the club that we are in enough that we can say we are proud to have been a part of it. So far, it is coming together nicely and we are now back to focusing mostly on the songs and moves we perform while on our stage while the bartender enjoys his new, shiny, unscratchable bar top.


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October 2

Live Performances Take a Spin, Literally

As a group, our band puts a lot of effort into keeping our fans happy. We play new songs at every live event and put out albums as often as we possibly can. We are performers and we love to hear the crowd screaming our name. With that thought in mind, we decided to try something new at our last couple performances and it has been a total success. We discovered a way to ensure our live performances take a spin, literally and it is something that everyone is talking about.

The Spark of an Idea

livemusicThe idea for a new enhancement to our live performances started off as something that was out of the blue. One member decided that he wanted a mini Segway and he got it. We had a blast trying it out and began using it for quick transportation. When waiting for a performance to start, he would take a trip to get food for us to eat or something. It also made it easier and faster to do all the legwork between center stage and backstage when we were tuning up and ensuring that the performance would go off without a hitch. However, as we began to use it more, and other members of the band decided they also wanted to own one, we began to realize that there was something almost graceful about riding it. No handlebars meant your hands were free and you could rock back and forth on it, spin around while on it, and more. One person in the group made a comment about how they danced better with the Segway than they could without it. It was the formation of an idea and once it took root, we couldn’t resist the urge to give it a try.

Ideas In Motion

Our choreographer thought we were insane for wanting to try dancing on a Segway. He couldn’t grasp the idea of it, but we were persistent. Admittedly, we are limited to what we are able to do, but that didn’t stop us. The first time we attempted it on stage, the crowd went wild. All we did that first time out, was have the drummer glide across center stage, twirling once, as he headed to his spot on stage. No music was playing, but the crowd started screaming. At the next performance, we added a little more of the Segway to our performance. The results were once again amazing and on our social media page, everyone was talking about the way we were moving around on the stage.

What Makes It So Cool?

hoverboardingIt seems crazy to us. We are not sure why a two wheel self balancing scooter can make people in the audience go so crazy, but we are not complaining. We do something that no other band does and because of it, we are making more of a mark on the audience. We have even had other performers come up to us and ask us how we dreamed up such an amazing idea. We say that we just got lucky and wanted to find a way to put a new spin on a boring performance. Now, it is something we know we will continue to do for a long time to come.

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January 27

Power Behind Our Live Performances

Our band started out playing in nightclubs. We had garage band times and when playing, we bragged that we would raise the rafters off any building they put us in. This changed recently when we ended up having our first outdoor concert. We were not prepared for it and the entire band knows that we were not what we should have been that first time. We learned from our mistakes though, and soon we found the power behind our live performances.

How We Failed

Our first concert in the great outdoors in a very rural setting was a bust. We had no way to power our amplifiers and other necessities. This meant we went from raising rafters to praying that the people who showed up would be able to hear us play. We were still great according to the people who talked to us afterward. They wanted to hear more. The thing was, we felt that the people who were there that day missed out on what makes our band truly great. It was our first time in rural America and it was a true test of what our band could do as a team.

What We Learned

OutdoorSpeakersWithout that one day, we never have known what our band truly sounded like. We would never have guessed that the amplifiers and other equipment are what makes our music so powerful to hear. We wouldn’t have realized that there was a need for a constant power supply, even when we step off the bus at our next performance. It showed us that as a band we must be prepared for anything, even the most unexpected situations and because of it, we first began exploring what generator options we had. We began looking at portable generator reviews that would provide enough power for our equipment, but one that would not drown out the music we created.

Where We Are Now

LightStringToday, we hold a lot of concerts outdoors. It is a great environment for us to play. We enjoy the freedom that it gives us as well as the crowd. The atmosphere is so much more relaxed and now instead of rafters, we shake tree limbs. It is all thanks to the fact that we run paralleling generators during our performance to ensure that everyone can hear the sounds we create. During the times that we have been performing on a stage within a building, which does still happen occasionally, we have also found a use for our generator.

One time, we were on the stage playing our heart out. The weather outside was nasty and we had to move to an indoor location. All the lightning strikes finally hit something and the power went down. With our generators on hand, we continued to play. It still amazes us how we managed to overcome the obstacles and still give those fans who love us, exactly what they wanted to hear. It is the one time that life threw us a curve ball and we came out better than ever.

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June 20

Lets Use This Webpage


I (Jeremy) have decided to actually start using the Gold-Bears website. I’m going to sporadically post demos, whatevers, and mixes of songs I like. Sound cool? Didn’t think so.

Check back often.


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June 20



Here are our upcoming SXSW shows:

March 13th: Slumberland Records Showcase @ The Iron Bear (9:00pm)

March 15th: Music For Listeners showcase @ Flat Top Burger Shop (12:00PM)

March 16th: Impose/WNYU Showcase (12:00PM)

March 16th: SXSWaterloo Showcase @ Waterloo Cycles (3:45PM)

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June 20


We are playing Saturday, August 24th at Under the Couch. Too lazy to update our shows page:

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June 20

Next Atlanta Show

Our next Atlanta show is with our Slumberland Records labelmates, Weekend. The show will be at 529. Check the shows page for details.

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