October 2

Live Performances Take a Spin, Literally

As a group, our band puts a lot of effort into keeping our fans happy. We play new songs at every live event and put out albums as often as we possibly can. We are performers and we love to hear the crowd screaming our name. With that thought in mind, we decided to try something new at our last couple performances and it has been a total success. We discovered a way to ensure our live performances take a spin, literally and it is something that everyone is talking about.

The Spark of an Idea

livemusicThe idea for a new enhancement to our live performances started off as something that was out of the blue. One member decided that he wanted a mini Segway and he got it. We had a blast trying it out and began using it for quick transportation. When waiting for a performance to start, he would take a trip to get food for us to eat or something. It also made it easier and faster to do all the legwork between center stage and backstage when we were tuning up and ensuring that the performance would go off without a hitch. However, as we began to use it more, and other members of the band decided they also wanted to own one, we began to realize that there was something almost graceful about riding it. No handlebars meant your hands were free and you could rock back and forth on it, spin around while on it, and more. One person in the group made a comment about how they danced better with the Segway than they could without it. It was the formation of an idea and once it took root, we couldn’t resist the urge to give it a try.

Ideas In Motion

Our choreographer thought we were insane for wanting to try dancing on a Segway. He couldn’t grasp the idea of it, but we were persistent. Admittedly, we are limited to what we are able to do, but that didn’t stop us. The first time we attempted it on stage, the crowd went wild. All we did that first time out, was have the drummer glide across center stage, twirling once, as he headed to his spot on stage. No music was playing, but the crowd started screaming. At the next performance, we added a little more of the Segway to our performance. The results were once again amazing and on our social media page, everyone was talking about the way we were moving around on the stage.

What Makes It So Cool?

hoverboardingIt seems crazy to us. We are not sure why a two wheel self balancing scooter can make people in the audience go so crazy, but we are not complaining. We do something that no other band does and because of it, we are making more of a mark on the audience. We have even had other performers come up to us and ask us how we dreamed up such an amazing idea. We say that we just got lucky and wanted to find a way to put a new spin on a boring performance. Now, it is something we know we will continue to do for a long time to come.

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