September 9

62 Gold-Bears Are You Falling In Love? PhotoBooth Pictures

Conversation two days before our record release tour:

E: “What if we took the photobooth? It would be soo much fun/pain in the butt!”
J: “I’m down.”
S: “The more I think about it… it’s gonna be too much trouble”
J: “yeah right!”
E: “let’s do it!”

…and that’s how we decided to take our DIY photobooth on tour. Totally worth the trouble. All by itself, the booth snapped pictures of old friends, new friends & some of our music idols. Yeah. Right!

Time for a little Q & A:

Where did the photobooth come from?
It was a birthday present in Spring 2010 for a jolly fellow named Matt Allen. He said, “Erich, can you make some sort of Photobooth for my Birthday?”“I don’t know Mallen, there’s not that much time in a day”, said Erich and with that it was sneakily made in a few evenings before his party. It was a big hit, but up until tour it was collecting dust in the garage. Look at these cute couples..


What is the photobooth made out of?
2x4s & muslin. Complete DIY and nerdery. It has a desktop computer in it and a Nikon D40. It’s programmed in Arduino (for turning on the lights & talking to the computer), Python (for talking back to the arduino & taking/processing pictures), & Flash AS3 (for showing pictures on the displays). Make it count!